Horror movies are one of the most common nightmare-inducing media in the entertainment industry. So if you watch a horror movie at night before you sleep, it’s normal if you suffer from a nightmare that night. Therefore, you definitely need to stop your habit of watching horror movies before you sleep, or you can also do some tricks to reduce the risk of having a nightmare afterward.

First, you can try to arrange your schedule carefully, so you won’t hit your sleeping time right away after you’ve watched the movie. By giving yourself some time to rest after you’ve watched the movie, and not jumping into the bed right away can take away some of the scariest scenes of the movie from your mind.

Then, you also need to distract your mind from the horror scenes of the movie. You can watch funny videos and memes on the internet, so your mind will remember funny things instead of scary things from the movie.

Then, if you are a religious person, it’s better for you to pray according to your belief to cleanse any negative energy that you get from watching a horror movie.

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