From the acting side of the film Bombshell, the trio Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie prove their quality as great Hollywood Actresses. The trio performed amazingly in each of their scenes. Oscar-winner Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road, Monster) with the most screentime rations being the most prominent through her character Megyn Kelly. Theron’s Megyn was not only involved in a conflict with Trump’s Presidential Candidate, the condition of her family receiving threats and the machinations of her work in balancing between high ratings and the interests of Rupert Murdoch (Malcolm McDowell) with Trump and the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman’s Gretchen deals more with lawyers and tricks to raise ratings. A scene of conflict with Roger Ailes after filming became an interesting moment in this film. One thing that somewhat reduces Kidman’s appearance is the makeup that looks less tidy. The makeup team was good enough to change Theron’s face to Megyn Kelly, but for Kidman to Carlson, it was a failure. Kidman’s make-up is not good enough to bother the author to enjoy Kidman’s performance. You can see how good and bad their make-ups are by watching this movie on

The interesting thing is for Kayla Pospisil, the character that is played by Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad, Once Upon A Time in … Hollywood). Unexpectedly Kayla’s character in this film is a fictional character based on a combination of several victims of Roger Ailes’s abuse. An interesting decision indeed and luckily, Robbie is very good to play Kayla who is ambitious and full of determination to improve her career.

Other players also play well especially senior actor John Lithgow (Interstellar, Pet Sematary 2019) whose presence in each scene is always enchanting. Allison Janney (The Help, I, Tonya), Connie Britton (American Ultra, Friday Night Lights), Liv Hewson (Before I Fall, Let it Snow), Bridgette Lundy-Paine (The Glass Castle, Action Point) and Mark Duplass ( Your Sister’s Sister) are supporting actors who contributed well, with Kate McKinnon (Ghostbuster 2016, The Spy Who Dumped Me) being the most charming support character.

This movie raises sensitive and important themes related to the sexual harassment scandal experienced by public figures as well as presenter Megyn Kelly and female employees at Fox News by Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, the Bombshell film appeared in a fast-pace and it had a dark comedy that was effective enough to make the film looks energetic.

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