The Best Action Movie

Who doesn’t like watching movies at 123 movies? Best Action Movie which is also called the best movie of all time is synonymous with Adam. Why? Just look at the scenes. With secret missions, combat weapons, and also macho-bodied men. Usually served with scenes of warfare, fights, gunfire, jumping, secret missions, and combat weapons.

Girls prefer movies that are relaxed but sweet, while men prefer movies that pay attention to movie details and think of the storyline. For example, we take the same movie, the Titanic movie. Girls prefer and pay attention to the romance between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet), while men prefer the scene after the ship hits an iceberg, how the logic of the story when the giant ship can sink, especially when the ship then split into two. From this fact, it is immediately apparent that the difference is not.

The following are some recommended action movies for you:

-Fight Club (1999)
Although classified as an old movie, but the Best Action Club Fight Club directed by David Fincher is still worth watching. With a rating of 8.8 / 10 on IMDB, this Best Action Movie indeed presents a storyline that may be experienced by many people. Appointed from the novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk, this movie tells the story of a man named an office worker (Edward Norton). Feeling boredom and pressure in his office, he then became involved in an illegal fighting club created by Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). By joining this club called Fight Club, the man feels better. But the presence of Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) is quite disturbing to her daily life. Especially after Marla was involved in a relationship with Tyler to further incite hatred in the man. This movie has been named the best movie of all time.

-Saving Private Ryan (1998)
This movie tells the story of a group of soldiers moving forward to the enemy forces only to save one male member who was killed during the war. Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) and his troops must penetrate the battlefield to save a soldier named Ryan. Ryan had to return to the United States immediately because he was the last boy alive, while three of his brothers had died. This Best Action Movie has a background of the Normandy invasion in World War II. Saving Private Ryan was successful commercially and in the eyes of critics. The movie received 11 Oscar nominations and won 5 awards, including Best Director and Best Cinematography. This war history genre movie was directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie, released in 1998, starred actors Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Jeremy Davies, and Matt Damon. This movie has been named the best movie of all time.